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The Secret pdf is a famous book by Rhonda Byrne and this book is a path breaking success diary and over twenty million copies of this book have been sold. This book contains the law of attraction, the secret of happiness, achieving our goals of life and love yourself and other important aspects of life have been discussed.
The Secret is a book written by Rhonda Byrne who is a famous Australian TV producer and writer She was born on 12 March 1951 in Melbourne, Australia and she has written many books like The Magic, Power and Hero and others books related to Secret. 

The secret pdf

Rhonda Byrne says what we think, we become because energy starts flowing in that way whether it is positive or negative. She mainly focused on the Law of attraction because according to her law of attraction is the most powerful law of the Universe because the law of attraction becomes more powerful in a way you think if an individual think about a positive thought all things go positive and if not goes in a negative way because your thoughts attract positive and negative energy. She quoted that

‘’Decide what you want

Believe you can have it

Believe you deserve it

Believe it’s possible for you’’

People generally focus on the things which we do not have, she says do not worry about negative things and not try to control them while starting your day with positive thoughts. When you think good and positive thoughts, those positive and nice things happening with you are what you’re thinking about. Eventually negative thoughts will wipe out.

Negative thoughts always get the negativity in life while positive thoughts sign of goodness so always decide and think positive thought because people have capacity to change life by thoughts. Every things takes time to come true so give time which allows you to think and make choices and meditation is always way to control your thoughts.

the secret pdf in hindi

Always observe your feelings- here the author says that always observe your feeling whether it is positive and negative because positive fills you with joy while negative attracts bad things. You create your life using the law of attraction because the universe answers our command of what we deliver by our thoughts. This law works through Ask, Believe and Receive. You start attracting the things that you think when you are clear about the things you want.

Visualization and gratitude are the important things. Our current life is the result of our past thoughts and actions. make a list of things which give you happiness and make gratitude towards what you already have. Your negative thoughts and emotion will block good things coming to you and the law of attraction revert what you visualized the things.

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Book Title              The Secret
Author                    Rhonda Byrne
Language               English
Published by         Simon & Schuster
Pages Count            206
Size                         4.1 MB 

Author says that it is not our job to figure out how things will happen and suggests creating a vision board to achieve the things and be and feel happy is the fastest way to get money. Always love and respect yourself and others, it will make you happy and others also start loving and attracting towards you.

Patients can be cured if they believe and have belief. Here she framed an example of Cathy Goodman who was suffering from breast cancer but believed that she can be cured and is cured after three months without chemotherapy. 

She says that your goals are the responsibility of yours. Praise and bless your enemy, it helps to eliminate your negativity and stress and you have power to focus on your energy by thoughts and always give thanks to the day you live. At last Rhonda Byrne you are the master of the universe and perfection of life because you have limitless potential to create. The secret is within you. 

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The Secret PDF Download

the secret book pdf in hindi

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