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The Adventures of toto: This is chapter of class 9 in which the writer talks about the monkey his grandfather brought from the money who is red in colour and how he acts differently but  acted in a humorous manner.

The Story of The Adventure of Toto is written by Ruskin Bond. He shared the story of naughty monkey who does a mischievous act in a humorous way that nobody can expect.

the adventures of toto summary

The Story Starts when Grandfather of writer brought monkey from the Tonga Driver in five rupees and put that monkey in a almirah of narrator’s bedroom after some time when they returned and found the room messy because that monkey messes the room but narrator’s grandfather admired the monkey instead of scolding him.

So Grandfather had put the monkey in a large cage where other animals lived but Toto did not let other animals sleep. Grandfather took toto to Saharanpur because he did not let her wife know about the Toto because she hated the habit of her husband collecting pets.

the adventures of toto

He travelled to Saharanpur along with Toto and put him in a bag. While taking the ticket, Toto was trying to get out of the bag and because of his wicked behaviour Extra three rupees was charged by the ticket collector due to understanding Toto as a dog because His trick of taking Toto secretly failed.

Toto’s acts did not stop here. One day he bit the ear of a donkey who also lived in the stable where Toto was put there. He tore the dress of the Aunty of the narrator when she went to him. Another day He went to the hot boiling kettle to have a bath, however Grandmother had saved him and took out of the boiling kettle. He Spoiled narrator and family’s lunch. He had to have a large quantity of pulao then climbed on the tree while eating and he  broke the plate by throwing the plate after eating pulao.

Finally the Narrator’s family realized that they could not handle toto as he is very naughty and wicked and they can not afford restore and does not save things from spoiling if Toto lives there so Grandfather decided to sell him and he sold Toto in Three Rupees to the Same Tonga Driver Whereas He purchased Toto in Five Rupees.

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