The Lost Memories by Lorna Cook PDF

The Lost Memories by Lorna Cook PDF Download – In this new article we are going to share with you an upcoming heart-warming romance novel that showcases the story of people of two generations at different times and it comes in 335 pages under the Avon Publisher.

The new romance novel is going to be released on March 28, 2024 in Kindle Edition and audiobook. A paperback format will be released on July 2, 2024 for readers and a free audiobook is available as well.

The Lost Memories by Lorna Cook PDF

The Lost Memories is written by Author  Lorna Cook who has been the Kindle Number 1 Bestseller ‘The Forgotten Village’, which was her debut novel and sold over the 1,50,000 copies of her debut novel. The Girl From the Island, The Forbidden Promise are the other promising books of her.

Suffolk, 1944. Where the story starts is an American Pilot named Charlie who is on his second tour and that is about to come to an end and his heart and he is completely changed after meeting with the local girl named Kitty who has a dream to be associated with the Women’s Land Army.

The Lost Memories Lorna Cook PDF

Love blossomed between the two and the pair all too aware that every perilous mission Charlie flies may well be his last. The story continues with the granddaughter of Kitty where her granddaughter takes place of her where Kitty was several years ago.

Suffolk, 2011. Now Kitty’s granddaughter named Amy who is an ambitious tearoom owner meets with Jack who is an American Photographer and she concurs to show him around in consideration of his photographic talent. This understanding grows in the bond that is unexpected but when long-buried secrets emerge, neither of their worlds will ever be the same again.

Related Details of The Lost Memories by Lorna Cook Book PDF

Book Title The Lost Memories
Author  Lorna Cook
Publisher Avon
Language  English
Page Count 335
File Type PDF
File Size 2 MB
Release Date 28 March 2024

The Lost Memories PDF Download by Lorna Cook is available in English language and readers who wants to buy the book, They can order book by clicking on the given link below.

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